Personakt Antavla

Anders Persson Skoglund Phil

Blev 55 år.

Far:Per Jonsson Skoglund (1780 - 1830)
Mor:Britta Jansdotter (1789 - 1829)

Född:1818-11-25 Hedemora, Dalarna.
Död:1874-07-19 Husby förs.


The story of Anders Pihl is an interesting one that takes us back in time approximately 300 years to the time of his grandfather. Anders grandfathers name was Jonas Hakansson and was married to Annika Andersdotter, Jonas was born in 1730 and Annika in 1744. They were married at the farm Skogagarden located in Visnum parish in Varmland, Sweden. Anders and Annika had a family of at least seven children. One of their sons Per, who we have come to know as Per Jonsson is our ancestor.
Per was born in 1780 in Visnum and lived with his family until 15 years of age. He shows up in the records in 1804 as a farm hand working on the farm Norra Mon in Visnum, he moved to a farm called Udden in 1806 and remained there until his marriage. Per or Petter as he is sometimes called married Britta Jansdotter in 1806 at the farm. Britta's mother was Maria Eliaedotter and her father was Jonas Jonsson Boman. Per and Britta move around a lot, first to Nysund parish in 1807, to Klippan in 1812, to Karlskoga in 1813, to Orebro in 1814, and to Hedemora parish in the county of Dalarna in 1816. After a few more moves Per and Britta wind up in Vika parish. Along the way they have had a family born, 4 boys and 2 girls, of particular interest to us are their sons, Anders and Petrus, we will visit them a little later in the story.
While in Vika, Per and Britta and family live in a manor which has some connection to the copper industry in the region. Per works as a day labourer in the copper mine, and while there is apparently inspired by his fellow workers to get with the times and change his name. Per Jonsson becomes Per Jonsson Skoglund. Pers story comes to an end with the death of his wife Britta on July 31, 1829 in Wika from transjuka or tuberculosis, and on July 21, 1830 Per passes away with pains in his stomach.
Anders and Petrus moved from Vika to Husby in 1832, both using the surname Skoglund. Anders became a soldier and Petrus moved on to Garpenberg parish in 1841. When Anders became a soldier his name changed from Anders Persson Skoglund to soldier no. 7 Pihl, and records from that point on refer to him as Anders Pihl. In 1841, on May 31 he marries Anna Lisa Jansdotter, born August 24, 1818. Anders and Anna Lisa have 10 children, one of them is our own John Erik, another son interestingly enough is Anders Gustaf Andersson Skoglund. Anders is discharged from the army in 1856 and passes away July 19, 1874 from consumption and Anna Lisa passes October 8, 1879, cause unknown.


1818 Födelse 1818-11-25 Hedemora, Dalarna
1822 3 år Brodern Per Persson Skoglund föds 1822-03-08 Hedemora, Dalarna
1829 Systern Johanna Persdotter dör 1829 Vika, Dalarna
1829 10 år Modern Britta Jansdotter dör 1829-07-31 Vika, Dalarna
1830 Fadern Per Jonsson Skoglund dör 1830 Vika, Dalarna
1870 51 år Systern Anna Maria Persdotter dör 1870-04-10 Falun
1874 55 år Död 1874-07-19 Husby förs